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Plump Pheasant Plum Port

Awarded for the best Fruit Port in 2016. A distinctive Black Doris Plum Port, rich and full bodied with honey and almond characteristics.
$45.00 incl GST

Red Beech Reserve

We siphoned the best of our plum port and aged it with the wood to become a reserve with smooth, buttery, caramel flavours that is subtly special.
$60.00 incl GST

Roaring Red Boysenberry Port

Unmistakable intensity of Boysenberry with wood smoked caramel characteristics. Matches perfectly with strong wild game like venison.
$45.00 incl GST

Tawny Tahr Cherry Port

Our Cherry Port has traditional Tawny characteristics. Rich dark caramel with a little nuttiness from the cherry stones.
$45.00 incl GST

Totara Reserve

Mountain Totara perfectly suits the boysenberry because of its chocolate and smoky aromatics.
$60.00 incl GST

Wild Wapiti Blackberry Port

Mountain Totara from the Ruahine Ranges has been toasted then aged with this Blackberry Port.
$45.00 incl GST