Cultivating a unique, powerful range of ports that are created with you in mind.

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Our famous awarding winning Plump Pheasant Plum Port is now available. We have created a limited batch of Cheeky Quail Blackcurrant Port which is amazing!!!!! To top it off our 2023 Gold Award winning Grumpy Goose. GET YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW.
$140.00 incl GST

The Roar Limited Edition

Silver Medal 2023
$55.00 incl GST

Two Port Bundle

$95.00 incl GST

Three Port Bundle

$135.00 incl GST

12 Port Box Deal

$480.00 incl GST

Randy Rabbit - Limited Edition

Delectable raspberry port while being a perfect tart.
$55.00 incl GST

Sweet Somethings - Limited Edition

Silky, sweet and smooth Strawberry Port
$55.00 incl GST

Witches Brew - Limited Edition

An enchanting magik elixir.
$55.00 incl GST

Frisky Fallow - Limited Edition

Sweet velvety plum with a touch of wild berries.
$55.00 incl GST

Grumpy Goose - Limited Edition

Beautifully blended sun ripened berries help unruffle the feathers at any time of the day.
$55.00 incl GST

Gift Box Double

Add-on for two purchased Ports for an extra special gift.
$10.00 incl GST

Fine Port Made for Kiwis

Here at Ruahine Ports we are passionate about people because good relationships are, in our estimation, the cornerstone of good business. Our ports are fermented on the whole fruit with the unique flavor of each of the various fruits they are made from and remind us of the special relationships with our customers and stories from our past.

Ruahine Ports is a growing and evolving family legacy – a joined venture by partners Damon Pratt and Alisha Phelps. We’ve come a long way over the years, progressively cultivating a unique, powerful range of ports that are created with you in mind. Our ports are made for you, and our process is always evolving to bring you the best possible product. At the end of the day it is important to us that our port stands out to the thousands of kiwis that enjoy them every year, creating memorable moments and unique experiences.

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